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Boris Johnson appointed new UK foreign secretary

Former London mayor and prominent Brexit campaigner rewarded with senior government post

LONDON (AVRUPA TIMES)-Politicians who campaigned for Britain’s exit from the European Union were rewarded with foreign policy responsibilities as Theresa May’s new government took shape. 


Former London Mayor Boris Johnson was her surprise choice for foreign secretary, while backbench lawmaker David Davis, also known for his Eurosceptic views, was handed the newly created post of “Brexit minister.” 


Davis, whose formal title is secretary of state for exiting the European Union, will be responsible for negotiating Britain’s withdrawal from the bloc with European leaders. 


Another Eurosceptic, former Defense Secretary Liam Fox, was appointed international trade secretary, responsible for building Britain’s trade ties outside of the European Union. 


Britain’s governing Conservative Party was bitterly divided by last month’s EU membership referendum, and appointments by May – who campaigned for Remain – were seen as concessions to the party’s pro-Brexit camp. 


May became prime minister earlier on Wednesday after David Cameron handed his resignation to Queen Elizabeth II. 


In other appointments announced Wednesday evening, Philip Hammond moved from the foreign and commonwealth office to become chancellor of the exchequer. He replaces George Osborne, who resigned from the government. 


Defense Secretary Michael Fallon kept his post, while Amber Rudd was appointed to May’s old job of home secretary.

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