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Top Food at Turkish Airlines

Elisha Fields

Elisha Fields

When it comes to food on plane flights, Turkish Airlines comes top of the class. Yes that’s right! In a recent survey by Skyscanner, a flight comparison website, participants were asked to rate food dished out on 19 different airlines; food on Turkish Airlines scored an impressive 86%.

I’ve seen the pictures of the food and just looking at them made me incredibly hungry! I had to dash out and grab a takeaway, and still reading up about their delicious food, I’m still really hungry! I’m beginning to think maybe they could have their own café or restaurant because the food looks and sounds that good. In short, the menu is mouth watering.

As well as serving standard meals, the airline also serves a range of different meals including vegetarian, Kosher, seafood and children’s. It’s so boring being on a flight and only having one option. Ideally, passengers should have a broad choice. Glad to know Turkish Airlines are caring for their passenger’s needs.

Having horrible food on a flight can turn a good flight in to a bad flight. Alternatively, a bad flight can be turned into a great flight if the food is appetising. Basically what I’m saying is food is really important and seems even more so to us when we’re flying and when we’re experiencing discomfort, impatience, nerves, lack of entertainment, and the rest of it.

As we all know, Turkey is a really popular holiday destination especially amongst Brits. I hear happy stories back from friends about their holiday adventures there. I am so looking forward to holidaying in Turkey soon, and I know for sure who I’ll want to fly with.


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