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The Press Release Made by the Former Parliamentarian Mr. Feyzi İşbaşaran

Avrupa Ajansı (AVA) / European Agency | London - Former AK Parti [Justice and Development Party] Parliamentarian Feyzi İşbaşaran, who has been put into the Üsküdar Paşakapısı Prison by the Istanbul 5th Judicature of Peace in the last week on charges of having insulted the President of the Republic of Turkey Mr.  Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had objected the imprisonment decision through his advocate.Ms. Sema Aydın, the Advocate of the former AKP parliamentarian Mr. Feyzi İşbaşaran had demanded the imprisonment decision to be corrected, due to reason of being of such decision to be on contrary to the method(s) and the law, otherwise the file to be sent to the Istanbul 6th Judicature of Peace in her 4 page objection petition that she has submitted to the Istanbul 5th Judicature of Peace.  

Ms. Sema Aydın, the Advocate of Mr. İşbaşaran had stated the followings in her petition : A conclusion has been reached in the report that has been issued as a result of the examination that has been carried out on the telephone of the client by the " Struggling with Cyber Crimes Branch Management " in the form of " The  Twitter correspondence records have been made to be scanned, however, not any one document and information in relation to the subject of the investigation has been met " and it has been stated in the petition that " the caption and the custody transactions are also clearly on contrary the method(s) and the law ". Even this report has clearly specified that the tweets that form the subject of the complaint does not take in the report that has been issued and the imprisonment of the suspect has not been based on any objective - concrete evidence at all. The imprisonment measure that is applied to the client is clearly on contrary to the ECHR - European Convention on Human Rights and the universal law and we are requesting this unjust, arbitrary and out of proportion measure to be lifted as soon as possible. We are kindly requesting a decision to be taken on releasing of the client through judicial control or civil bail ".   

Former AK Parti /AKP [Justice and Development Party] Parliamentarian Feyzi İşbaşaran, who has been put into the Üsküdar Paşakapısı Prison by the Istanbul 5th Judicature of Peace 4 days ago by the Istanbul 5th Judicature of Peace on charges of having insulted the President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in social media, had objected the imprisonment decision through his advocate. The objection that has been made to the imprisonment decision by the former AK Parti [Justice and Development Party] parliamentarian Feyzi İşbaşaran, who has been imprisoned due to insulting the President Mr. Erdoğan has been rejected.

Sema Aydın, the Advocate of Mr. İşbaşaran :


Mr. Feyzi İşbaşaran, who has been imprisoned on charges of having insulted Mr. Erdoğan over the social media has affected a press release in the prison. 


“ The door in the hotel room has rung about 5:30 - 6:00 AM on December 7 in Istanbul. I opened the door and three civilian persons entered the room. I asked " Who are you ? ". One of them answered : “ My name is ŞEREF. I am a chief inspector and the other two friends are policemen ”. I asked " You are policemen from where ? " The chief inspector named ŞEREF said : “ I am the policeman of Tayyip ”. There is nothing like the policeman of Tayyip.

There is the policeman / policemen of the state.

I meant : " You understood me wrongly. which county police center you are coming from ? ".

The chief inspector named ŞEREF (he may be policeman also, I presumed him to be a commissary, since he was about in his 40' ies) said :

“ I am the policeman of Tayyip and I am receiving my salary from him ”. 

I corrected him again. You do not receive your salary from Tayyip. Tayyip’ s salary, my salary and your salary also are being paid by the state.

I dressed up and we went to the Beyoğlu - Taksim Public Security Management.

It seemed that the subject matter had been published by a person named Adnan OKTAR (Adnan Hodja) and his followers (!) by fabricating (copy - paste) tweets about these and they had applied to the Prosecutor' s Office about me. The Prosecutor had as if called me to the court and as if I had not gone to the court.

We went to the Anadolu Bank Kartal Court House. I gave a statement to the Prosecutor. I said to the Prosecutor : " Not any notification has come to me. Who has received the notification at what time ? May I see it ?

The Prosecutor : Looked up for the Notification in the file and could not find it.

The Prosecutor : “ Go and search by yourself ”. (We are still searching).

My giving a statement at the Prosecutor' s Office has finished. We went out of the Court House and I progressed towards a taxi.


Policemen : “ We are also proceeding towards the opposite bank (of Istanbul), let' s drop you ”. 

I said " OK ".

On the road, a telephone call came to the policemen. A policeman talked and said by turning to me “ We shall go to the Beyoğlu - Taksim Public Security Management again. I have been told that you have a ’document that you need to sign ”. 

I said " OK ".

We went to the Beyoğlu - Taksim Public Security Bureau Superior' s Office around  11:30 AM. The Chief Inspector on duty at that time said " A call came to the Prosecutor from the Presidential Office, and then the Prosecutor called us and we are taking you under custody ".

I said " What in the morning can I have a thing with the President ? the reason of my being taken from the hotel is Adnan OKTAR (Adnan Hodja) ". 

Chief inspector said “ You had insulted the President ”. Whereas, the tweets that I have written are in front of everyone. I happened to write on December 07, 2014 at 07:15 AM. There is not any insult to the President at all. (In the meantime, everyone here may read this by entering the account of Mr. Feyzi İŞBAŞARAN).

The Beyoğlu Taksim Public Security Management had seized my telephone and everything that I carry at 12:30 PM.

(Police did not allow me to meet my advocate and my family for 24 hours. My advocate came to the Çağlayan Court House on December 08, 2014, Monday, just by herself). Apart from this, another important point here is the fact that I had learned from my family members that my telephone had been kept open and the incoming calls to my telephone had been answered, even though the decision for seizing of my telephone had been present. The records of the related telecommunication company pertaining to the fact that the policeman had talked to my son that called up during the night hours is  also present.

A policeman came up around 03:00 AM in the night and said : “ Your advocate came, she wants to talk to you ” (I also thought as if my advocate came). Policeman took me into a room and a civilian dressed person around 30 years of age was sitting there inside. I considered the person sitting there inside as a policeman also, since all of the policemen were dressed in civilian manner. I asked : " Where is my advocate ? " The civilian dressed person sitting behind the table said : “ Let' s wait a little, let the police finish the photocopy work, we would then call your advocate ” (The policeman was taking photocopies in the room at that moment). 10 minutes later the photocopy work of the policeman finished. The man said “ I am the advocate and this is my identity. My name is İsmail ASLAN. I have been sent by Assistant General President of MHP [National Movement Party] Mr. Şefkat ÇETİN ”. Then I told him : “ I do not know Mr. Şefkat ÇETİN. We know each other from the press. Why would he send me an advocate at this hour of the night ? I thank you. I have an advocate and she would come to the Court House tomorrow ”. 

This person that is called to be an advocate (!) put an A4 size paper in front of me and said “ Mr. Şefkat ÇETİN sent me at this hour, would you write a thanking letter to him ? ”. Then I said “ Of course not ! I do not know Mr. Şefkat ÇETİN. I do not know you also ”. 

This person that is called to be an advocate said " OK, Good night to you ", stood up and attacked onto me immediately.

Policemen entered the room, upon my shouting and locked me up in a room after putting handcuffs on my hands and took me to a hospital. They put 7 - 8 stitched in my lip (detailed report is present in my file). I came to the Beyoğlu - Taksim Public Security Bureau Superior' s Office after the hospital. Police called the Prosecutor on duty and asked “ What we would make this assailant advocate ? ” The Prosecutor on duty said “ Set him free, I would call him later on for his giving a statement ” and closed the telephone. And the police set this assailant free. After this incidence that facts pertaining to the facts that this person has not any connection to Esteemed Mr. Şefkat ÇETİN whatsoever and that his name has been used and disclosure on such facts have been made by the MHP [National Movement Party] channels also. 

We set off from the Beyoğlu - Taksim Public Security Bureau Superior' s Office on December 08, 2014, Monday at around 10:00 AM to go to the Çağlayan Court House. About 150 AKP [Justice and Development Party] sympathizers led by the AKP Parliamentarian Metin KÜLÜNK (the parliamentarian who said " We also must have the freedom to make corruption also ") in front of the door were shouting and they attacked onto the police vehicle. We left there with difficulty. This time I had been attacked in the gate of the Çağlayan Court House. We went at the end to the Prosecutor following these provocations. The Prosecutor took my statement. The Prosecutor then took an awkward decision and forwarded me to the Judge of the 5th Court of Peace for my being tried while being imprisoned. I gave statement to the 5th Court of Peace (this was one of the courts with a single judge and they called this judge to be the freedom judge). My advocate was able to see the screen in front of the judge. Decision on my being imprisoned had been taken long before. I understood that my statement was applied as per a formality only, since the order had come from the President. The imprisonment decision of the Judge of the 5th Court of Peace on me has been a first, not only in Turkey, but in the world. In other words, there is nothing as law. 



You have been leading the 12 years old government. You have been playing with the TBMM [Turkish Grand National Assembly] at your fingertips with “ absolute majority ”. You have become the President by exceeding 50 % by 1.75 %. The whole world has seen and is seeing your Presidential election propaganda and what kind of a President you would become.

Now you are setting up a parallel government that is parallel to your former government at the AK-SARAY / the AKP [Justice and Development Party] PALACE.

You have got hold of the jurisdiction, you have set up the “ imprisonment mechanisms ” under the name of Court of Peace. You, the “ Chief Commander ” of the Army, the “ Superior ” of the Police, have shared the tenders. You have formed the “ pool media ” with the moneys that have been collected from the contractors.

The TRT [Turkish Radio - Television Organization] is yours, the AA [Anatolian News Agency] is yours, and the MİT [Turkish Intelligence Organization] has been your confidant. Intelligence, listening(s), agents, provocations, whatever you inquire, are present.

You have legalized a security law, as if these were not sufficient. You have set up an army out of police. You are authorizing the police to fire onto - shoot human beings that are on the street. You had been the close friend of the USA and the co-chairman of the BOP [Greater Middle East Project], you had spent how much of an energy for the EU. You had congratulations by saluting the cheering people on a bus, when a negotiation date was received from the EU. You had been the leader of the Middle Eastern countries, the Arab countries and the neighboring countries. Now, look around you : Is anybody left around you ? You are today disclosing that you are against the EU, after which you have run for years. 

The world calls the regime in Turkey as the “ dictatorship ”, and you as the “ dictator ”. You must have thought the reason of this.

You have arranged meetings from square to square against the innocent youngsters and the women that demanded rights and freedom in the Gezi Park and in the Gezi Park demonstrations. Your “ I can hardly keep my 50 % at home ” statement is not a quote that can be spent by a statesman. Youngsters have been murdered in streets. You have announced Berkin ELVAN, who has been murdered at the age of 14 as a terrorist. You had his mother to be protested at the meetings for the reason of being an Alevi [Shiite] at squares.

You have loved such “ parallel fans ” work so much, that you are now setting up a “ parallel ” government that is in parallel to your former government where you had been the prime minister at your AK-SARAY / the AKP [Justice and Development Party] PALACE.

Today, December 17, 2014 is the anniversary of the passing on of the Late Esteemed Mevlana [The Great Philosopher]. In other words, the Şeb-i Aruz [Day of Meeting the God]. Mevlana says “ come, whoever you might be ” but neither the God, nor the Prophet Mohammad and the God / the Allah accept(s) the one that cheats the rights of the subject of the God.

I am in politics since 30 years. I have been the Chief Consultant of the Prime Minister, the President (Mr. ÖZAL), have been the Istanbul and Elazığ Parliamentarian, have been the Assistant General President and the member of the Anavatan Party [Motherland Party] MKYK [Central Decision Executive Board] for years. Nobody called me as a thief, and never can say so. The greatest heritage that I will leave to my children is my honor. 

I had been thrown into the Mamak Prison 34 years ago, while I was a university student by General Kenan EVREN, the leader of the September 12, 1980 intervention / seizure of power (his rank has been lowered. Mr. Tayyip ERDOĞAN 34 years later had thrown me into the Paşakapısı Prison after making me imprisoned. And I am writing this disclosure from this prison also.

Mr. Tayyip ERDOĞAN must now better consider himself and his regime.

You are angry with the USA, the EU, the Middle Eastern and the Arab countries; because the whole world is concerned due to the proceedings in Turkey and they are making disclosures one after another. They are saying that " Mr. Tayyip ERDOĞAN dragged both himself and Turkey towards being alone. They are further calling this as the “ being valuably lonely ”.

I must specify with sorrow that this is the commencement of being finished of a leader and the dragging of a country towards a collapse. Each solution that he has commenced by saying " solution " unfortunately has become an " unsolvable solution "”.

Let God / Allah help Turkey.

Very truly yours,


Paşakapısı Closed Prison

Istanbul ”

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