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International Airports affected by new flight ban policy

The U.S. on Tuesday issued stringent regulations for airline passengers carrying electronic devices. ... Full story

Pakistan reopened border with Afghanistan after one month

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has announced the reopening of Pakistan's border with Afghanistan after a month long closure due to rise in tensions between the two neighboring countries ... Full story

Putin says relations with Turkey returning to normal

Relations with Turkey are "confidently" returning to normal Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursdayruss ... Full story

Rejection for the Scottish independence

The UK government will reject a second Scottish independence referendum call British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Thursday ... Full story

US revealed Trumps 2005 tax return

U.S. President Donald Trump paid $38 million in federal taxes on a $153-million income -- an effective rate of 25 percent -- in 2005, according to his tax return leaked late Tuesday. ... Full story

Egypt prosecutor released ex-president Mubarak

An Egyptian prosecutor on Monday ordered the release of former president Hosni Mubarak from prison for the first time since 2011, according to a local judicial source. ... Full story

U.K. parliament passed the bill to trigger the Brexit

The U.K. parliament’s upper house Monday night passed the bill to trigger the country’s exit from the European Union. ... Full story

Diplomatic row escalates between Turkey and the Netherlands

The two ministers were blocked from addressing Turkish voters in Rotterdam on Saturday, with one of them escorted to the German border. ... Full story

Donald Tusk was elected again as European Council president

European Council President Donald Tusk was reelected for another two-and-a-half-year term despite objections from his home country Poland. ... Full story

US judge agrees to challenge against illegal actions of Trump

A federal judge agreed Wednesday to hear the U.S. state of Hawaii's legal challenge to President Donald Trump's latest attempt to curtail migration from Muslim-majority countries. ... Full story

UN chief warns to act now to stop famine in East Africa

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has urged the international community to act now to address the worst drought the East African region has seen in decades. ... Full story

WikiLeaks released largest collection of confidential CIA documents

WikiLeaks on Tuesday released what it called the “largest ever” collection of confidential CIA documents. ... Full story

President Donald Trump has signed a new executive order on Monday

President Donald Trump Monday signed a new executive order to curtail migration from six Muslim-majority countries after a previous effort was derailed by legal defeats. ... Full story

FBI has rejected Trump's wiretapping claims

FBI Director James Comey has asked the Department of Justice to refute President Donald Trump's wiretapping allegations, according to media reports. ... Full story

Trumps top lawyer declared he would recuse himself from Russia probe

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Thursday he would recuse himself from any investigation into alleged ties between Donald Trump's campaign, which he had a role in, and Russia. ... Full story

What is the Frexit

French far-right leader and presidential candidate Marine Le Pen said on Thursday if elected she would call for a referendum on a “Frexit” to leave the European Union, in order to give the country control back over its currency, debt and trade policy. ... Full story

Northern Ireland’s voters will vote amid power sharing crisis

Northern Ireland’s voters will go to the polls on Thursday to return a new local parliament after a power-sharing deal between Irish nationalists and pro-British parties collapsed earlier this year. ... Full story

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