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Over 20 million cars and trucks on Turkish roads

Average age of cars on Turkish roads is 12.7 years, Turkey's Statistical Institute reports

ANKARA (AVRUPA TIMES)-The average age of vehicles on Turkish roads is nearly 13 years, the country's statistics authority has said on Thursday. 


The number of vehicles registered on the roads in Turkey surpassed 20 million in January 2015. A total of 110,000, including both new and old vehicles, were registered in January, the statistics authority said. 


According to the Turkish Statistical Institute, the average age of vehicles rose to 12.7 years in 2015 from 12.5 years the previous year.


Cars make up 53 percent of the total number of vehicles. Small trucks constitute 16.3 percent, motorcycles 14.6 percent, tractors 8.5 percent, trucks 4 percent, minibuses 2.3 percent, buses 1.1 percent and special purpose vehicles 0.2 percent.

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