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Argentine football player gives opponent the needle to hurt him

Federico Allende, a defender for lower-division club Sport Pacifico, bragged in a radio interview about using the needle several times against strikers from top division club Estudiantes.
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  • Cholera killed more than 400 people in Yemen

    The World Health Organization, WHO, has announced the delivery of the largest shipment of medical supplies to Yemen since conflict in the country intensified in March 2015.
  • Most fitness trackers are poor at measuring calories burned scientists say
  • Fat but fit is a big myth experts revealed
  • A Pupil's Letter to Justin Greening about the budget cuts

    Islington as a borough will be facing a loss of 12.5 million pounds. Meaning school days earlier. Therefore earning less money and resulting in children learning less skills working towards there dream jobs. Eventually, the curriculum will be reduced in size. Leading to less art and D.T.
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