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People from outside Europe would face an annual charge of at least £200

NHS services

NHS services

Foreigners face more charges to access NHS. Proposals to charge more foreigners for using NHS services in England and to fix the "flawed" system for recovering costs have been unveiled.

People from outside Europe staying for up to five years would face an annual charge of at least £200. Residency rules would be tightened on free treatment and more services, such as access to GPs, would be chargeable.Ministers say the NHS cannot be an international service but doctors say plans could pose a public health risk.The consultation document, published on Wednesday, outlines proposals aimed at cutting the cost of migrants' NHS healthcare in England.

They include:

Restricting free treatment for people from outside the European Economic Area citizens to those with indefinite leave to remain in the UK

Allowing anyone living abroad who has paid National Insurance for at least seven years in the past to get free treatment while on UK visits

A "health levy" on migrants from outside the EEA staying for up to five years of at least £200 a year - unless they have private health cover

Improving how non-EEA short-term visitors are identified and charged for hospital treatment

Extending hospital charges to GP practices and other NHS treatment for non-permanent residents

Treatment for infectious diseases and sexually transmitted infections to remain free for all

Improving current "flawed" systems for enforcing current charging rules

Considering sharing personal information relevant to NHS charges between the NHS, government departments and other agencies

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