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Elisha Fields

Hamdi Ulukaya, a Turkish Kurd,  is a great example of someone who has made it big and started off with little. He came to the USA and started off with only about a couple of thousand dollars, however, today his business is worth about a billion. He founded Chobani in 2007 after years of practicing to make the right greek yogurt formula. Today he is known to have the top Greek yogurt brand in the USA.


What can we learn from Hamdi? Practice makes perfect and never give up. There is so much potential around but people are too lazy to do something with their abilities. If you don't try, you'll never know how good you are and what you're able to do. If you keep doing the same routine, life will be boring, so jump out of your comfort zone and start an adventure. There are no problems in life, just solutions. Change your attitude to a problem and it might no longer be a problem! If you're suffering in life, there are ways out to make it better and get to the top. Be ambitious and set yourself goals. The view from the top is worth the climb!

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