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Ayda’s and Robbie’s Olympic Baby

Elisha Fields

Elisha Fields

You should all know the news by now that Turkish-American actress Ayda Field and singer Robbie Williams are having a baby girl. If you did not know, shame on you :P. Anyway to update with the latest, the baby is expected very soon! So soon in fact that Robbie has had to pull out of the Olympics’ closing ceremony. That’s correct, the baby is due next month in August! 

It was planned for Robbie to sing with Take That and also sing one of David Bowie’s greatest hits “Life on Mars” at the closing ceremony concert in Hyde Park. That song is a great choice for him to perform. In my head he’s performing it really well! It was most likely intended for him to perform other songs as well but the names of them I do not know. Sorry. Who knows who will take his place now? Let’s just say I wouldn’t want to be in the Olympics’ organizers shoes right now! Robbie wows crowds and I think it will be difficult to find a replacement that’s on par. Or maybe I’m too tired to think right now.

As for Ayda, a recent photo of her with her baby bump is displayed proudly by Robbie on his official website.  Ayda looks beautiful and I love how she has such a cool aura. Robbie’s caption for the photo is “MY TWO GIRLS” That’s so cute. What a lovely family!  


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