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I’ve just discovered the exciting monthly Turkish fashion magazine, Ala (which means “the most beautiful of the beautiful” or “beauty” depending on your source!). What’s exciting about the magazine is that it’s a publication dedicated to Muslim women in Turkey who wear the veil. The magazine is fairly new and will in fact be celebrating its first birthday next month in June.

Many have dubbed Ala magazine as the Turkish version of Vogue! And there’s good reason behind that, the magazine is hugely popular and is said to be competing against the likes of the Turkish publications of Elle, Cosmopolitan and Vogue. Probably why it’s so successful is that it happened to fill a gap in the market and is the first fashion magazine set out to cater for Muslim women in Turkey who wear the veil. You could say that there was a demand for a magazine such as this.

The magazine is not only popular with Muslim women in Turkey but with Muslim women in general. I’m pleased to see the progress in magazines catering for everybody and acknowledging everyone. I hope more magazines can lead the way in doing so! 


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