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Turkish luxury label, Desa, welcomes

Elisha Fields

Elisha Fields


It has been announced recently that the well known Turkish luxury label for women, Desa, has a new creative director. Apparently this is for a one off design collaboration for this coming autumn and winter. The star that will be welcomed to Desa is a big name too! I am pleased to say with excitement that Graeme Black who has worked previously for Armani Black Label,Salvatore Ferragamo and Hugo Boss will be working with top Turkish label, Desa! 

Although Desa is already a much loved label with a huge fan base, It looks like Graeme is intending to make Desa even more well known for their expertise in leather! It’s certainly very cool that Desa have the amazingly talented Graeme working with them.

I’m on the Desa website now. The UK site is http://www.desa.uk.com/default.aspxI’m a big fan of the leather jackets. I think ideally everyone needs to have a good leather jacket in their wardrobe. It’s always good to spend money on something decent that looks good and lasts for years. A leather jacket can be worn in all seasons! I am also loving the bags that I’m seeing online too. Again it’s always important to spend money on a good bag! Oh and the shoes, well I could go on forever!

Well it’s great news that Desa will be having Graeme working with them. I will be really excited to check out more of Desa’s designs this autumn and winter.


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