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They’re having a girl!

Elisha Fields

Elisha Fields

Following up from my story I-don’t-know-how-many months ago but on Robbie Williams and Aida Field preparing to have a baby, I can now announce that they will be having a baby girl due to be born in September! Congratulations to them both!

Ayda, in case you did not know, is Turkish-American and an all round superstar. She is best known for being an actress and comedian. She is a very beautiful and talented woman. Ayda and Robbie got married in a secret ceremony in August 2010 in LA, and have been an item for almost 6 years now, I believe.

Robbie announced the exciting baby news on his official blog. The letter he wrote to readers was so adorable and emotional. Here are some bits from it, “CAN’T WAIT TO BE A DADDY” and “WE’VE SEEN SCANS AND CRIED”. You can tell he’s really in love with Ayda! It’s so funny how he writes, “WE HAD SEX! IT WORKS!” Definitely showing his humorous side! He writes all in capital letters which really conveys his excitement and emotion. He’s such a sweet guy. If you want to read the whole letter, check it out at http://www.robbiewilliams.com and the link is somewhere on that page.
Well this is exciting news and I wish them an amazing future!


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