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You are invited to celebrate Chinese Valentines Day

Experience the romance of one of Chinas most heart rending love stories through a narrated musical performed by the vocal talents of sopranos: Iúnó Connolly and Waimay Yau mezzo soprano, Phoebe Haines baritone, Jacob Bettinelli and the piano skills of Leona Crasi.

A weaver girl from heaven comes to earth to have some fun. She gets rather more than she bargained for when she meets an ox herder and the pair fall madly in love. But this love between a celestial being and a mortal man is doomed without the help of a flock of magpies. Join us to hear this romantic tale, the foundation of China’s Qixi festival also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day, told through music performed by this talented collection of artists from the family of musicians supported by Talent Unlimited. Phoebe Haines, mezzo-soprano, Waimay Yau, soprano, Iuno Connolly, soprano & narrator, Jacob Bettinelli, baritone, Leona Crasi, piano.

Booking: www.chinaexchange.uk

Tel: 020 7734 1931


Performance: Wednesday 6 September 2017 - 7.30pm-8.45pm



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