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Cider with Rosie on BBC1

cider with rosie

cider with rosie

Another Sunday, another adaptation of a classic of 20th century literature, they’ve been fabulous though, and Cider With Rosie, the last, is no exception

There’ll be moans and grouches of course, as there have been with the previous ones – they changed this and left out that, the murder, the uncles. It’s about mathematics, though, and different media: a 300 page book doesn’t always fit neatly into 90 mins of TV. And what works in one doesn’t always work in the other. A certain amount of trimming and alteration is required. Which Ben Vanstone, the tailor/mathematician/adapter, has done expertly. The uncles are lost (the grannies – Trill and Wallon – survive, happily … well, until they sadly die). It doesn’t entirely follow Laurie Lee’s thematic approach, though it does yo-yo backwards and forwards in time. (The Guardian)

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