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Made in London manufacturing a future for the capital



Brompton Bikes is an iconic London brand they make over 45,000 bikes a year and are the UK’s largest bike manufacturer, exporting to 45 countries.

The London Assembly Economy Committee will tomorrow visit Brompton to discuss what the major challenges facing the manufacturing sector are and what the Mayor or the next Mayor can do to better support small and medium-sized manufacturers. The Committee will also visit the Central Research Laboratory in Hayes, which is an incubator space for innovative manufacturing businesses in London. A broad range of products are manufactured there, from robot hands and walking aids, to children’s construction toys.


·         135,000 people work in manufacturing in London – the same as the working population of Newcastle upon Tyne.

·         Large scale industrial manufacturing has declined in London, however small and medium-sized manufacturers are showing real growth due to advances in technology.

·         There has been a growth in demand for bespoke, high quality goods in recent years, particularly by high-end retailers and consumers, creating a desire for manufacturing to be based within London.

·         But how will rising property prices, potential changes in permitted development rights and a lack of skilled labour affect manufacturing in London?

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